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Welcome to the new website Sava savascooks.com the most popular Chef-permanently over something that cooks!
Here you can find all the new advertures of our loving Savas.
Tasty, healthy and simple in their preparing recipes. Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and sometimes with his pets.

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  1. Insert  the banner or your business card in our site. If you have your own site you are being advertised in facebook, the interested person will directly see your advertised product, with a click on the banner or on your business card.
  2. With an one page advertisement of your product or your business in the catalogue with a painting a sketch, a photo or any other way you like.(see advertise gatalogue)
  3. Creating your own original and unique digital magazine that will highly and directly take off your product.

The painter- sketcher and the text writer of our site are able to direct you helping your product to pop out, creating a unique in imagination and originality digital magazine or an one page exclusive entry of your product in the Advertising Catalogue.
Our hero Savas, with his multi-sided personality, his unique pets and quests, can adjust and move at ease and with a lot of humor, in any space and environment, imaginary or not !!!
Trust him and you won’ t loose!!!


  • All the above ways of advertisement concern a 12 month duration and are fortified by a collaboration contract or a private agreement.
  • Your product’s entry in the Advertising Catalogue will be inserted by priority.
  • The initial price of the exclusively yours digital magazine will consist sketches of 5 (five) pages and could be altered proportionally regarding their increase or decrease.



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For now see the adventures of Sava in electronic form from the menu "EPISODES". Coming Soon on paper .... tasteful packaging!!!

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